Grid Me Now
Real-Time 360° Situational Awareness at Your Fingertips
Grid Me Now


GridMeNow is a customizable mobile platform that securely connects decision makers with enriched location‑based digital content. By leveraging the Internet‑of‑Things (IOT), Users & Decision Makers have access to a wide variety of tools that afford them the ability to bi‑directionally share pertinent information across a wide spectrum of situations & geographies.


By utilizing GridMeNow, we streamline communications to enable faster decisions because we believe in safety & security for everyone. Through the creation of features such as Remote Digital Musters, Geo‑Fencing, & Auto-Location, we have solutions to address your tailored needs.
Duty of Care & Travel Risk Management:

Employers have the moral and legal responsibility and obligation for the health, safety, and security of their employees, especially those traveling on behalf of the employer.
GridMeNow Satisfies This Requirement.

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Simple Setup

Harnessing the power of Smart Phones in the hands of your employees
Achieve 360° Situational Awareness by combining disbursed technologies, under a fully customizable enterprise umbrella. Vast capabilities that leverage the IOT are accessible to assist and protect your people.
Platform Autonomy and Complete Control of your Ecosystem
GridMeNow™ implements a, “Train‑the‑Trainer” model affording customers full control of the platform. Administrators can independently operate the entire system, anywhere in the world, through a secure internet login.
Intuitive Interfaces for maximum user efficiency
GridMeNow is specifically tailored to maximize common design concepts. The 70 year old Rancher operating on the Border & the Corporate Executive traveling worldwide both share in the practicality & simplicity of our system.