OakLeaf Software has been selected by LaunchPad SBDC as one of the eight finalists to present at the upcoming OCTANe’s Technology Innovation Forum (TIF) on May 13-14th, 2019 at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa.

Founding Partners Admiral Mark Heinrich and Adam Tolk will be presenting OakLeaf Software’s consulting services​ and flagship product, GridMeNow, to industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from around the nation. GridMeNow is a customizable mobile platform that securely connects decision-makers with enriched location‑based digital content. By leveraging the Internet‑of‑Things (IOT), users and decision-makers have access to a wide variety of tools that afford them the ability to bi‑directionally share pertinent information across a wide spectrum of situations and geographies.

“The future of data-driven technology is bright,” said Heinrich. “As we continue to invest in research and development, I’m confident that our efforts will improve business operations and, ultimately, keep more people out of harm’s way.”

TIF attendees will be afforded the unique opportunity to learn about current investment trends and experience the latest innovation technologies originating from the brightest minds in Southern California.

OCTANe’s 2019 TIF will focus on the evolution of data technology as we see the industries of business, city planning, sports, finance, national security and healthcare evolve rapidly before our eyes. Topics and discussions will center around actionable changes to incorporate, adapt and scale business through the ever-changing technology landscape.